Real Estate Committee Offers All Rubu Makkah Scheme, for Direct Sale

19 May 2013

​MCI Real Estate Committee offered all investors, the entire land lot of Rubu Makkah scheme, beginning from Sunday 19/5/2013.

The committee decided to receive direct bids from investors interested in possessing all the scheme, through bids included the total value as well as the value of a square meter, attached to a cheque of 5% of the total value of the whole land lot.

Rubu Makkah land scheme lot is among charts of the southern front of Makkah, spread across 3.6 million sq. m, in juxtaposition with the Grand Mosques, within in distance of less than 10 k.m.
An approved initial chart has been made, in this regard, and submitted to the mayor office of the Holy Capital for the land lot scheme, which comprises 3672 plots for dwelling as well as commercial units.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018