MCI Inspection Team Closes Store, Selling counterfeit Spare Parts to Cheat Consumers, in Dammam

01 Jun 2013
As many as 7000 Parts Confiscated, Case Investigated
MCI field inspection team closed, recently, in an unwarranted visit, a store selling forged spare parts, in Dammam. The store is used to store and distribute counterfeit spare parts, such as oil as well as air filters.
The ministry interrogated the runners of the store, before submitting the case to law enforcing bodies, as the selling contravenes with applicable anti-fraud laws.
Spare parts confiscated include so many various and different world trade marks, such as Toyota and other brands.
This is a day broad light hoax, deception of consumer, fraud running against the nature of the products and counterfeit of goods, MCI remarked to justify its offensive.
All checked in and seized quantities, on the spot, have been confiscated, the den has been closed and those involved in the sheer violation, have been brought to justice, as their behavior constitute flagrant violation of commercial cherished  regulations .
MCI  has pointed out that these on-field inspection rounds on factories and markets, aim at a free misleading market practices and behavior that harm the consumer, via ongoing leading of fraud and, frequent, displaying counterfeit goods and commodities, across the Kingdom. 
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