MCI Made about 800 Inspection Rounds, at Marketplaces to guarantee implementation of Take back your money, in Cash Campaign

21 Aug 2013

​1000 Shops were fined for non-abidance by the rules of the campaign


MCI announced that it has, in line with the beginning of its inspection rounds of shops, starting from Saturday 10/10/1434, begun to verify abidance by the rules of Take back your money in cash, made about 800 inspection rounds and fined, on the spot, more than 1000 shop for non-abidance by the provision of providing enough coins, to pay back the remain money, in cash.
Reports' Center, on the other hand, has received more than 160 report related to the campaign, from across the Kingdom regions.
Riyadh region ranked first in the number of reports, followed by Jeddah, Dammam and Abha.
The rounds resulted, mainly, in a great abidance by its rule of providing enough coins for change and paying back in cash.
The move followed MCI coordination with Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), to provide enough of coins, through commercial banks, in order that MCI may hold violating shops, which do not provide change, accountable, while SAMA, for its part, will punish banks, on failing to provide it for shops.
Previously, SAMA has reaffirmed abundance availability of coins in the commercial banks, henceforth, there is no excuse for shops, not to deal with them. MCI, consequently, announced starting compelling shops to provide all categories of coins.
MCI reaffirmed that it will continue with such inspection round, in marketplaces, warehouses and installations to guarantee malpractices' free markets, such as cheating and deceiving, in general.
On the other hand, MCI warns of involving in selling expired items harmful to consumers and that it will apply utmost penalties on offenders.
The public is invited to report their complaints and remarks to Reports Center of MCI and call phone no.: 800 124 1616.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018