MCI Closes Axiom Telekom Branch, Following Consumers' Reports of Cheating

25 Aug 2013
The company does not respond to MCI call to be investigated on harming consumers by its measurements
MCI closed, on Saturday, a shop relating to Axiom Telekom company, in Riyadh. 

The shop is selling, mainly mobile gadgets and providing guarantees, following incoming reports to MCI Reports' center from consumers, complaining non-abidance of the company by the guaranty terms, non-providing of spare parts and delays. 

MCI, promptly, called on Axiom managers to report at its headquarters, to investigate reports coming from across the Kingdom, in complain, however, they declined

The company has violated the Anti-Fraud law, through presenting a number of vague offerings, in addition to violating commercial agencies law, through pretending to be the accredited agent of Samsung, the world co. and announcing that. 

MCI reaffirmed that the closing of the shop will continue, till its managers report to MCI headquarters, to investigate consumers' complaints and proceed on completing legal procedures and compensate those affected. 

All companies and corporations, including shops are asked by MCI to cooperate in abidance by law, respond to consumers' complaints and achieve fairness in the local market.

MCI stresses that it will not be lenient in imposing harsh penalties against violators of consumers' rights, fraud, non-abidance by the guaranty terms or refusing to replace or refund a defective​ or flawed item.

The public is invited to report their complaints and remarks to Reports Center of MCI and call phone: 800 124 1616.

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