MCI Closes Warehouse Storing 250,000 Packs of Spoiled Foodstuffs, Ready to be Sold

28 Jul 2013
In addition to another factory producing counterfeited renowned Sambusa paste brands
MCI inspection teams stormed a warehouse which stored more than 250,000 packages of rotten and expired foodstuffs, in Eastern Riyadh, among are packs of Sambusa paste, which is of high demand in the season of Ramadan season, to sell as much as possible of them. The quantity has been, immediately, seized and the owners have been brought to investigation authorities.
Inspection teams, in collaboration with the Joint Security Campaign have mopped, comprehensively, all warehouses situated in Al Sullay quarter, Eastern Riyadh, to check the validity of stored items, following the check and monitoring abidance by the set storing rules. It appeared that there are negligence in storing some of them, especially, in the quality of foods' storing, in regard of storing and temperature, as it is stacked haphazardly, prior to bringing it up to the marketplaces.
Items confiscated and seized at the warehouse, included 1950 kg of expired olives, 250,000 of olive packs and another number of  rotten foodstuffs, which is running a check now, to decide its validity by laboratories. 
Another factory has been closed, too, which works on attaching renowned brands on Sambusa ready-mdae 1400 packs of dough and 450,000 empty packs, through imitating their barcodes.
Investigations are taking place now, and other procedures are completing against those implicated in the storing the rotten foodstuffs, as the case is to be submitted to pertinent authorities to face the penalties.

On the other hand, MCI reaffirmed that it will continue with such inspection rounds, in marketplaces, foodstuffs' warehouses and installations to gauge abidance by standards and regulation set forth for storing and saving in markets, such as cheating and deceiving, in general, to combat fraud and to save consumer's health, especially those who are trying to capitalize on exploiting the high demand of the high demand of foodstuffs, in the season of Ramadan.
The public is invited to report their complaints and remarks to Reports Center of MCI and call phone no.: 800 124 1616. 
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