The Ministry of Commerce and Industry confiscated 15,000 food and consuming items in Qassim markets

30 Oct 2013

​During  sudden inspection campaigns in the city of Buraidah, MCI had  Seized and confiscated about 15 thousands of corrupted food and consuming items not conforming neither  with  the Saudi Standards and specifications nor with the system of commercial data. These items are copying the trademarks, and they form a threat and risk to the health and safety of consumers. Such items were seized  during the sudden campaigns  on a number of warehouses and whole sale stores in the city of Buraidah. Large quantities of such items were destroyed  after necessary  verification  , calling the violating  shopkeepers for investigation and application of legal procedures against them .




The campaign  has been implemented, with the participation and efforts  integration, by the law enforcement officers in Buraidah , Onaizah, Al Rass,  Bukayriyah , Badai`a , Al Muznab , which is considered the largest campaign being carried out in the region by MCI .

This campaign comes in the framework of the efforts undertaken by MCI  through its branches in various regions of the Kingdom to ensure the quality and safety of food and consuming  goods and their conformity with the Saudi  standards and specifications , and to protect the consumers from the dangers of corrupted and adulterated  goods.
The seized and confiscated items in the city of Buraidah included ( 1842 ) corrupted foodstuff items  due to bad storage inside the warehouses , in addition to confiscating (4529) consuming items not conforming with the commercial data system , and holding an apartment adjacent to a wholesale shop used for storage.
The MCI inspection teams have confiscated as well ( 2627 ) suspected consuming items for non-conformity with the specifications and for copying trademarks , in addition to  confiscating (5011) pharmaceutical units for poor storage and lacking of a license for selling such items.
The inspection teams were able to control and seize some goods not conforming with data trading system and storing medicines with detergents in an unauthorized shops .
The MCI inspection teams have  confiscated as well expired food and consuming goods, counterfeit  detergents in an unauthorized store and some other foodstuffs in bad storage. 
During the sudden inspection tours, MCI teams found unofficial warehouse , it was referred to  the warehouses  follow-up committee established by principality.  Minutes of confiscation had been made and the goods had been seized, samples had been taken  to laboratories to verify how much they would comply with the approved specifications , while taking sayings of the offenders and looking  at the held purchasing bills to  find out the source of the infringing and counterfeit  goods .
The MCI stresses that it will not tolerate with those who are touting fake or counterfeit goods , particularly that threaten the health and safety of the consumer and it will apply the right legal penalties .
It also emphasizes that the inspection tours will be  continued  on markets , warehouses , shops, factories and all commercial establishments, to ensure their  regular works . MCI calls for all consumers to report cases of fraud and counterfeiting through the MCI Reports center on the phone No.  800 124 1616
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018