SR 450 million Remains to be Disbursed, as some Subscribers, yet to Receive their Payments –Real Estate Committee Says

31 Jul 2013
MCI Real Estate Committee has called on subscribers in a number of real estate schemes, who are yet to receive back their payments, following finally, liquidating some schemes, previously, to report to the committee to update their banking data, as the total amount remained is more than SR 450, in wait to be transferred by the committee to the subscribers' accounts, directly, following the updating.  
The committee has announced the names of these schemes, which have amounts in wait, in their accounts, up to now.
These schemes are as follows: Tuwaijiri, in Kharj, Muhandseen, in Dalm, Al-Shurfa, Al-Taqniyyah, Al-Aaridh, Durrat Al-Khaleej, Al-Awali, Fajr Abha, Al-Khadrah, Al-Bushrah, of Al-Tamayuz Enterprises, Kunuz Jeddah, Jawharat Al-Sharq, Al-Badriyyah.
The committee has posted, on its website, too, a list stating the names of those subscribers who should update their data, in order that their payments would, directly, be transferred to their accounts and another list for delayed cheques, which its beneficiaries' subscribers are not yet to report to the committee, at MCI headquarters.
The latter are the subscribers of the following schemes: Al-Salam, Al-Mutlaq's Villas, Al-Rafaie, Al-Qussuwah, Al-Nahabi. The committee exhorted subscribers in these schemes, to report or to report to liquidators' offices to update their data and to receive their payments, through communicating with the committee via the website, checking the names of beneficiaries' of the remained cheques, who are asked to update their data, by visiting the committee's website:
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018