Samsung apologizes to consumers in Saudi Arabia for the failures of after-sales services during the MCI Minister's visit to Korea

26 Oct 2013

​Korean Samsung has apologized to consumers in K.S.A. for the failures that have accompanied the after-sales services recently in the Kingdom. The Korean company has confirmed  in its meeting with MCI that the customer care is one of its fundamental principles , and that the failures were as a result of an unexpected increase in sales of its products , stressing that it will look and investigate within 15 days in cases which have been reviewed and discussed by MCI in its recent  meeting with the company , and that it would take corrective action immediately .

The Minister of Commerce and Industry had met last week with the companies of Samsung and LG in Seoul- Korea , the Minister stressed in his meetings with the two companies on the need to activate the role of their offices in the Kingdom to ensure the improvement of the level of after-sales services and to increase the customers satisfaction, stressing that the two  companies offices should be independent from their distributors works to ensure the  control and follow – up of providing the best services to consumers, and stressing as well on the importance of activating the customer services centers to communicate directly with the clients and listen to their complaints and assess the level of service provided by distributors and service providers.
The MCI Minister stressed that the contracts of agencies or distribution with the local companies should be registered at MCI, according to the rules and regulations in force.
The Minister reviewed in his meetings the most important observations on the two companies through what have been received   of complaints and reports by MCI, pointing out that a large proportion of consumers complaints focused on the problems of providing warranty, unreal advertising, prices of spare parts, quality and prices of maintenance services and commitment with clients in the implementation of the required services.
It is worth mentioning that the Minister of MCI had met on his visit to South Korea with a number of government and semi-government authorities and Korean companies, and he confirmed on the importance of the commercial relationship between the Kingdom and South Korea, and that the Korean companies should pay special attention to after-sales services and improve the level of services provided to consumers in the Kingdom.
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