The Ministry Indicates That the New Instructions Aim at

20 Mar 2012
​The ministry of commerce and industry wishes to indicate that the recently issued noble directives aim at securing cement for citizens and local market at reasonable prices through allocating fuel for the expansions of companies with recently established lines with additional capacity  of (7.3) million tons annually. This is timed until the completion of the study conducted by a committee from different government authorities to evaluate cement market and the extent of cement prices and markets competitiveness and cement availability at reasonable prices reflecting the support given to this industry. The study was also conducted to know the actual need of cement, consider the need for expansions in a way that maintains balanced exploitation of the country's resources including oil, gas and limestone in addition to the introduction of new competitors for this sector to promote competition, expand base of beneficiaries and finally set necessary arrangements and procedures. This procedure will be temporary for six months along with the commitment of cement companies with new expansions which will be fueled to increase their production of sacked cement to the maximum complex sacking capacity. In addition, all cement companies working in the Kingdom will be obliged to sell their entire production in the local markets and at no more than (12) SR per cement bag for ex-factory and (14) SR for the consumer in shops and stores in addition to fixing the price of cement bulk ton at (240) SR.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018