Ministry of Commerce and Industry Declares That Consumer Protection Was Invalidly Implied in the Advertisement of Alhamrani United Company

25 Feb 2012
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry declared that what was included in the advertisement published in a number of local newspapers today, Sunday, by Alhamran United Company, agent of Nissan and Infiniti cars and their spare parts in the Kingdom is invalid. The ministry hereby indicates that the Consumer Protection was invalidly included in this advertisement which implied a threat against those who deal with other agents. The ministry also wishes to clarify that the Agency Law in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not grant exclusivity right for marketing Nissan and Infiniti cars and that all cars displayed in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia markets are lawfully authorized for sale and they were cleared as per specific formal procedures prescribed by the Ministry including checking of conformity to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specifications and standards. Alhamrani United Company may not announce that any practitioner is violating the law as this is beyond its responsibility. The ministry hereby emphasizes that the dealer authorized by the manufacturing company is under obligation to provide maintenance and spare parts to any car produced by that company.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018