MCI carried out a comprehensive campaign on retreading tires factories to verify compliance

25 Nov 2013
​with the specifications, in collaboration with the "Saudi  Specifications and Standards Authority " and  closing the violating factories
MCI has been  implementing  a comprehensive campaign in all regions of the Kingdom on retreading tires  factories  non-compliant with the Saudi Standard Specifications , which may cause many fatal accidents to the users - God forbid - , confirming that it will shut down the offensive shops and  call the owners for investigation and applying the legal procedures. 

The campaign has been carried out in cooperation of  MCI  and The Saudi Standards , Specifications and Quality Authority  , the joint committee will implement  field trips on retreading  trucks tires factories to check these 
sites, and to take samples to be sent to the special laboratories for testing and reporting on them. 

MCI inspection teams will conduct performance tests ,to  make sure that the factories are applying the correct ways for storing recyclable  tires and to ensure they do not exist in the sites of damaged tires , check as well the quality of keeping the finished products , and providing safety precaution  for the  factory  and the workers , the quality of adequate lighting , organizing and arranging the items, and the explanatory information  on the products  and the indication of origin . 

This comes as a result of the MCI efforts during the last period in the seizure and confiscation of used and adulterated tires from the markets, shops and warehouses, which are not complying with the Saudi standard and specifications in order to eliminate the counterfeit tires and to protect the consumers from related harm .

MCI calls on all existing plants in the kingdom to cooperate with the Ministry, and to adhere with the Saudi specifications and standards, and to apply the necessary technical standards for the best quality of production.
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